A 25 year plus veteran of the gift basket industry, Debbie is available to teach, educate and demonstrate any ideas or concepts related to the gift basket industry.  TV ready and always available, Debbie can provide on the spot demonstrations, gifting ideas, trends in the gift basket industry and a wide range of marketing concepts related to this vertical market.  Debbie resides in Phoenix, Arizona and travels all over the United Statues.

Sample video: Her first video (which has a story behind it) first aired in 2009 and has had over 77,000 hits.  

Short Bio: 

A striking quality of Debbie is the sheer number of facets to her career – she strives to challenge herself to the fullest extent and people have taken notice. Awarded for her innovation, leadership and “mover and shaker” attitude in Silicon Valley, Debbie has made an impression on small and medium sized business owners throughout the United States and beyond.  Debbie is the ultimate multi-tasker and has rooted herself and all of her efforts into the gift basket industry.  Debbie is a full time gift basket business coach and the owner of Gift Marketing Alliance, Gift Basket Association, The National Gift Basket Convention, Jocelyn Sweet Things, Qterie Gift Basket Distribution and Cole & Bennett Modern Gifting. 


Long Bio:

Debbie started her working career in retail, working her way into management almost immediately.  By the time she was 19 years old, she was the manager of a local retail store and the secretary to the President of a large electronics company.  Following those two experiences, Debbie was in the electronics industry managing sales for a large territory for nearly ten years.  Bored with her job and responsibilities, Debbie left the electronics industry and began her hunt for something challenging – she ended up at Cisco Systems in San Jose, California and retired in 2012 after 12 years as a global security manager.  

During her time at Cisco, Debbie specialized in crisis management, security operations and investigations. But in the hunt for something totally different,  Debbie launched Gourmet Gifts a gift basket company with a unique approach to the industry. Debbie infused personalization and technology into her customer service and operational processes - something necessary when selling to Silicon Valley clients. Upon her move to Arizona in 2016, Debbie sold Gourmet Gifts.

As a part of her marketing strategy, Debbie joined the San Jose Chamber of Commerce and began networking to grow her business.  After a year of networking, Debbie decided that she had a better way of encouraging networking and partnership and in 2007, created The Women’s Networking Alliance.  In 2018, Debbie sold The Women's Networking Alliance.

After experiencing success with both of her gift basket companies, Debbie began consulting for other small business owners in and outside of the gift basket industry.  She formalized her consulting company and has worked with over one hundred businesses to create, rejuvenate and launch their businesses by focusing on the customer experience, taking the right risks and demonstrating excellence.  Her consulting led her to the realization that the entire gift basket industry needed an uplift she created The Gift Basket Association 2009. 

The Gift Basket Association is getting global attention as she brings gift basket companies all over the world together to collaborate and partner in the spirit of raising awareness and sales to the industry.  She added "publisher" to her list of titles with the launch of a new magazine called Trends & Tips Gift Basket Magazine and several books followed including Avance, Fundamentals, Simply Inspired and more.

In 2010, Debbie and her husband Alex purchased Gift Marketing Alliance, a national gift basket drop shipping company and is putting her years of sales and marketing experience to the test with a heavy goal of doubling the company in size within two years. Gift Marketing Alliance is now the only boutique style drop ship company in the industry.

To bring her experience and breadth of knowledge together in the gift basket industry, Debbie took over the National Gift Basket Convention in 2012 and has built an environment that has uplifted the industry beyond her wildest dreams.  Due to covid-19, Debbie pivoted and went virtual in 2020.

Debbie’s culture is one of extreme honest and genuine support and has been recognized by her peers within Silicon Valley and the gift basket industry.  In May 2008, Debbie was recognized by the reputable Silicon Valley Business Journal in their “40 under 40” program as an up and coming innovator in Silicon Valley.  She was named a woman role model in WE Magazine and has received the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, 2010 award through the Women's Initiative Organization. In May of 2011, she was named Woman of Influence by the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

Debbie graduated from the UOP with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management and has over 20 years of sales, marketing and management experience.  In her spare time, she enjoys relaxing with her husband Alex and son Travis.

Awards & Recognition

2008, “40 under 40” Silicon Valley Innovator, Silicon Valley Business Journal

2008, Cover Women’s Connection Magazine

2009, Woman Role Model in WE Magazine

2009, Leadership Award, Women’s Networking Alliance

2009, Solomon Award, Ullmen & Associates

2010, Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, Women's Initiative Organization

2011, Woman of Influence 2011, Silicon Valley Business Journal